CATOs - Cadet Administrative and Training Orders. Issued by National Defence Headquarters or the Director of Cadets to supplement the Queen’s Regulations and Orders (QR&O) and the Queen’s Regulations and Orders for the Canadian Cadet Organizations (QR (Cadets)), to amplify the Canadian Forces Administrative Orders (CFAO), to replace Canadian Forces Cadet Policies and Procedures and to minimize the requirement for specialized region orders and instructions. 


These Orders govern and regulate the way the cadet program is administrated.


This page includes frequently accessed CATOs, available to members of the Sqn and their parents. If you have any questions about these Orders, please direct them up the Chain of Command for clarification.

CATO 13-01: Cadet Membership

CATO 13-02: Merit Based Promotions

CATO 13-02 Annex ACadet Rank Progression and the Leadership Team Model

CATO 15-22: Conduct and Discipline

CJCR Dress Instructions: Cadet and Junior Canadian Rangers Dress Instructions

- Numbered Dress Instructions

- Numbered Highland Dress Instructions
Air Cadet Insignia & Placement
- Hairstyles, Neckties & Boot Laces

- Pins, Poppies, Ribbons & Placment