What do cadets do?


Cadets are youth who take part in activities at a Cadet Corps or Squadron within their local community. These fun activities are designed to help youth become more self-confident, to develop leadership skills, to improve their physical fitness and communication skills, and to teach self-discipline through challenging training.


How old do I have to be to join?


Applicants are required to be twelve years old but have not attained their 19th birthday. For more information on joining requirements, please click here.

Is cadets new? Why haven't I heard of it before?


No, the Cadet Program is not new. In fact, Cadets is one of Canada’s oldest youth programs. The origins of the program can be traced back to 1862. By 1879, Army Cadets was formed, followed by Sea Cadets in 1895. Air Cadets was introduced in 1941. In 1975, girls were first allowed to join Cadets. Today, girls represent more than thirty percent of all Cadets in Canada. 



Why should I join cadets?


Cadets offers challenges, friendship and adventure! It’s an opportunity to expand your own horizons, contribute to your community and make friends for life. Many former Cadets credit their participation in the program with giving them a head-start toward their successful careers.


Are cadets expected to join the Canadian Armed Forces?


Cadets are not members of the Canadian Armed Forces, nor are they expected to join the military. While they are introduced to Sea, Army and/or Air activities of the Canadian Armed Forces and certain traditions, they are also introduced to many other respectable career choices that are available to them.